All of the world's major religions have substantial representation in Malaysia, the main adherents of each largely reflecting the multi-ethnic character of the population. The variety of religions found in Malaysia is a direct reflection of the diversity of races living there. Although Islam is the state religion of Malaysia, freedom of religion is guaranteed. The Malays are almost all Muslims. The Chinese embrace an eclectic brew of Taoism, Buddhism and ancestor worship, though some are Christians. Although Christianity has made no great inroads into Peninsular Malaysia it has had a much greater impact upon East Malaysia, where many indigenous people have converted to Christianity , although others still follow their animist traditions.

With so many cultures co-existing in harmony within its shores, Malaysia naturally boasts a myriad of festivals celebrated throughout the year. The major festivals are Aidilfitri (Eid-ur-Fitr), Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Christmas, Vasakhi, Gawai Dayak and Tadau Ka’amatan.During these festivals, Malaysians practice a concept called ‘open house’, an occasion to receive well-wishers. There will be feasting and merry-making as everyone partakes in the gaiety of the occasion. Malaysians of all races and religions join in the festivities.

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