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Plan Your Holiday

In Malaysia, the monsoon period begins in November and tails off around mid-late January each year and affects mainly the states on the East coast, such as Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan.

The east coast, especially in Terengganu, during then monsoon period, everything slows down. If you visit here, whether on business or pleasure, just relax and smile, and you'll blend in just fine.
Try to avoid east coast destinations and Island Malaysia between November and January. Otherwise, Malaysia can be enjoyed at any time of year as the weather is generally hot, sunny and fairly uniform. It’s rare to have a day without showers and unusual to have a day without sunshine. Take light summer clothes, carry an umbrella and an extra warm sweater if visiting the hill stations.

During Malaysia’s official public holidays, expect government offices to be closed, as well as some shops and restaurants, depending on the ethnicity of the shop owner or restaurant owner. During Eid Mubarak and Chinese New Year you can expect many shop and restaurant closings. However, look out for special sales and celebrations. Also count on public parks, shopping malls, and beaches to be more crowded during public holidays, as locals will be taking advantage of their time off.

Public Holidays
With its multi-ethnic population, it is not surprising that almost every month sees a different festival. Some of these are declared as Public Holidays. As festivals vary from year to year, it is best to check the dates with the nearest tourist information center or Tourism Malaysia Office before you plan your trip to Malaysia.

School Holidays
There are five term breaks in the year for schools throughout Malaysia. The term breaks vary slightly from state to state. However, they fall roughly during the later part of the months of January (1 week), March (2 week), May (3 weeks), August (1 week), November – Disember (6 weeks).

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